ENIGMA Under Siege: Will hacker strike again at Manchester event?

They thought they could keep me out of this years’ Operation: Enigma event. But they failed. I’m back – and this time, I’m really going to test your mettle.


Think you’ve got what it takes to stop me from infiltrating the event’s systems? To do that, you’ll have to successfully complete a series of cybersecurity challenges to decode the enigma of cloud security. I highly doubt you’ve got it in you.


But if you want to prove me wrong, sign up for Operation: Enigma and do your worst.

March 29th, 2024

JUNE 18, 2024

Do you really think you can stop my cyber attack?

What will it take to stop me, you ask?

You’ll need to decode the mysteries of cloud security to stop me….but it’s not going to be easy

There are many misconceptions about cloud security. For some, it remains a mystery; an enigma, you may say. So, when I found out Westcoast Cloud was planning another Operation: Enigma event designed to ‘decode’ cloud security, I knew I had to stop them. After all, it won’t do if all Westcoast Cloud partners discover how to make their clients’ systems near-impenetrable…..


Naive as ever, Westcoast Cloud tried to keep their plans from me. But little did they know, I’ve been watching closely and I know all about their big plans for June 18th. With all that knowledge, I’m ready with my most devious plan of attack yet…….


If you choose to accept the challenge and attend Operation; Enigma, you must unravel the enigma of cloud security by looking for solutions that can prevent me from infiltrating the system. But there’s only one way to do it—with a series of codes and secret safes. Fail, and you’ll experience the consequences of a full system takeover.

“I’m so confident you’ll lose, I’m giving you a head start on collecting your secret codes…”

The vendors daring enough to stand up to
me this time

Poor Westcoast Cloud. They’ve tried so hard to keep this year’s lineup under wraps. They’ll be so disappointed when they find out I’ve leaked the information from right under their noses.


Returning to face me again are:

  • Avast Antivirus, with its range of cross platform internet security applications
  • Beyond Encryption, with its secure communications tech.
  • Microsoft, with its Defender suite of security products.


Only this year, Microsoft is sending their Chief Security Advisor – Sarah Armstrong-Smith.

Finally….a worthy adversary! I do so look forward to beating her, along with a new set of vendors.

  • Norton, and its range of antivirus protection for advanced threats, plus online privacy and identity protection solutions,
  • HPE with security and risk products for cloud and hybrid environments
  • Dropbox, who’ll be showing why 700 million users trust them to keep their files secure.
  • Skykick, who’ll be showcasing the features that allow them to keep users of their automation platform secure and protected in the cloud.


Together, they do create a formidable security measure. A near-impenetrable five layers of defence against cyber threats.


But, the question is: do you have the knowledge to stop me? And are you brave enough to take me on? There’s only one way to find out. Register today to test your security skills at Operation: Enigma

Last year’s defenders may have won, but this year will be much tougher.

I couldn’t beat our great defenders from last Enigma, but just wait and see what I have in store for you this time. My little challenges are bound to get your head in a spin.

Are you up for the challenge?

You may think that learning about the latest cybersecurity trends, challenges, and solutions sounds like a wonderful idea. Walking away with a deeper understanding of how to defend your customers from Hackers like me has to be a good thing, yes?


Maybe. But, be warned, you’ll need everything you’ve got in the locker to stop me from disrupting the event.


Enigma is taking place on June 18th and will be held in Manchester. For those feeling brave enough, save your space today and book now.


Coming? I’ll see you there……




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