Operation: ENIGMA What can you expect this time?

A lot has changed since our last Operation: ENIGMA event. In recent developments, AI is now being used to both accelerate threats and improve defences. Complex cloud and hybrid environments are creating new vulnerabilities, and a lot of new security solutions have been released.


Keeping up is tough. It’s no wonder cyber security is awash with misconceptions. But at this year’s Operation: ENIGMA, we’re decoding security in the cloud.


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June 14th, 2024

JUNE 18, 2024

Decoding the Mystery: Cyber Security in the Cloud

Creating robust digital defences in the age of AI, remote work, and complex hybrid environments

“It’s often unclear whether Microsoft users need extra security solutions. At Operation: ENIGMA, we’re decoding that.”

Operation: ENIGMA takeaways: you’ll walk away knowing the risks, understanding the solutions, and confident in your ability to create a multi-layered defence strategy

Since our last event, the proliferation of AI tools has changed the cyber landscape in terms of threats and solutions.

Your customers are likely adopting complex cloud and hybrid environments; remote work, bring your own device (BYOD) policies, and several cloud tools.

Combined, these changes mean their risk profiles and vulnerabilities are shifting rapidly. Staying up to date can be challenging, so it’s hard to feel fully confident that users are properly protected.

At this year’s Operation: ENIGMA, we’ll be diving into the latest cloud and cyber security threats and solutions, exploring how they can be combined to create a robust security strategy that offers the best protection for digital assets in the cloud.

This event will feature interactive activities, keynotes and vendor zones aimed to inspire you to take action and feel confident in growing your security line of business. At the end of the event, you’ll feel ready to defend your customers in the unsecured spaces of the internet!

This year's vendors and what you can expect

At Westcoast Cloud, we believe in relationships, not in transactions. In providing advice, not just software. In reaching your potential, as a long-term partner.

We’re committed to making you the experts by sharing content and insights, and this event will do just that. Operation: ENIGMA offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect face-to-face with the leading giants of the cloud industry.

This year, you’ll hear from Microsoft’s Chief Security Advisor, Sarah Armstrong-Smith, who will deliver an exciting keynote presentation on Empowering Security Teams In the Era of AI as the event headliner. Plus, you’ll be able to get under the hood of Copilot for Security at the Microsoft booth. Visit the Copilot experts to discover how to streamline, improve, and scale your cyber security services for your customers.

Do you have a portfolio of micro and small business customers? Visit the Avast/Norton booth to dive deep into Norton Small Business: Triple Lock Security. Or, for even more insights into why smaller businesses are amongst the most vulnerable to attacks and how you can better defend them, attend the insightful keynote presentation, Small Business: Big Threats, by Avast’s Senior Territory Manager for UK&I/ Nordics, James Bevan.

Discover HPE’s newest alternative to a VPN: Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). Visit their booth to learn who SASE is for and why organisations with cloud and hybrid environments may find it more beneficial than a VPN, as well as those with a larger remote workforce, and who need to optimise network efficiency and speed. Plus, you can learn more about Universal Zero Trust at Field CTO Jaye Tillson’s keynote presentation.

Visit Skykick’s booth to get actionable insights into how Skykick Security Manager can help you deliver and monetise cybersecurity services profitably and easily. During his keynote, EMEA Senior Sales Manager Mark Deakin will give you the inside track on how MSPs are using Skykick’s newest feature—Security Navigator—to grow their MMR by up to 30%.

At the Microsoft Surface booth, you can get hands-on with the new Microsoft Surface and experience how its AI-accelerated Copilot features can help you and your customers achieve more every day.

In the Dropbox Zone, you’ll hear from the experts about how Dropbox Business can help your users with distributed teams collaborate more securely. Plus, you’ll learn how Dropbox sign could help your customers streamline the stressful process of preparing and exchanging legally binding agreements.

Come and chat with the friendly team at the Beyond Encryption stand to find out how your customers can take the worry out of exchanging sensitive data via email with Mailock.

What else can you expect? The hacker is back with another dastardly plan to take over the event’s systems. Can you stop him?

To get you started, we hid a single letter to a secret code inside the four-speaker bios we posted on LinkedIn last week. Sift through our LinkedIn posts to collect the four-digit code and reveal to reception when you arrive to get your first token!

Fitting it all together: creating a multi-layered security strategy

At times it can seem like there’s a new security solution or feature released every day.


With so many different solutions available, cyber security can get pretty confusing. What do they all do? How do they work? Do they duplicate Microsoft’s built-in security features? And crucially, do users actually need all of need them?


The truth is that in today’s cybersecurity landscape, a multi-layered security strategy is usually the best way to protect your customers from data theft and system attacks.


At Operation: ENIGMA, our aim is to decode the mysteries of cybersecurity in a fun, digestible, and interactive learning experience. With this knowledge, you will be confident in creating a robust, fit-for-purpose security strategy for each of your users using the best-fit security solutions from our partners.  


As always, our in-house team of experts will be at hand to assist you with any questions you have on cybersecurity. Please don’t hesitate to approach us for any help or simply to have a chat!

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