The Partner Enablement Programme
Fast Tracking Your Growth

Big ambitions for your cloud services business?
Let our partner accelerator experts, the Amplify team, take you on the quickest route to success. 

Microsoft SureStep: Amplified

Amplify is an expansion of the Microsoft SureStep partner enablement program, designed by Westcoast Cloud to support ambitious MSPs with all the vendors we work alongside.

Wherever you are on your Cloud journey, the Amplify team can help you grow fast and win big with enablement programmes tailored to your business and company goals.

In addition to providing fast, easy access to Microsoft’s partner enablement resources, funding, and technical training, Amplify incorporates other big-name vendors and offers a range of additional tools and services to help you ramp up your revenue.

Strategic Consultancy that Creates a Clear Path to Growth

Whether you’re new to cloud services or want to grow an existing cloud line of business, the Amplify team can help you nail your strategy. We can work with you to:

  • Define a Cloud strategy.
  • Spot growth opportunities.
  • Create your go-to-market strategy.
  • Optimise your marketing activity.

With Amplify, you can avoid progress blocks and bumps in the road. We’ll take you on the smoother, faster path to your big wins instead. 

Why Choose Amplify?

An Accelerator programme tailored to your business

We don’t do cookie cutter programmes. Get the right support for your unique goals and needs. 

Extensive knowledge of Big-Name

Expert advice, whenever you need it, delivered in simple terms. (No fluff included.)

We are with you every step of the way on your cloud journey

Whether you need end-to-end project support or the occasional steer, we’re there when you need us.

Beyond Microsoft Partner Enablement: Get Support to Work with a Range of
Big-Name Vendors

If you want to create multi-partner solutions and offerings, we can help.

Amplify gives you access to partner enablement from our full range of best-in-class vendors, as well as the knowledge and support of our in-house Cloud experts.

Find out how Amplify helped one of our partners develop and scale a multi-partner IT infrastructure that boosted their annual CSP to $1.4million 

Earn Microsoft Designations Faster

With our experts’ step-by-step guidance, partners typically halve the time it takes to earn designations and feel more confident during the process. You’ll get clear advice on:

  • Which Microsoft designations would benefit you.
  • How to earn them.
  • How to use your designations to unlock extra Microsoft incentives and partner benefits.

In short, Amplify eliminates the complexity of earning designations, allowing you to climb the credibility ladder and achieve maximum marketing momentum with ease. 

Develop Your Technical Skills and Knowledge

Are you getting lost in the maze of big vendor technical training programmes? The Amplify team can show you the way. We can help you:

  • Identify the right training for you.
  • Navigate the enrolment process.
  • Pass any exams with less stress.

That way, there are zero dead-ends, no circling back, and no wasted time. Just easy access to the technical training you need from our in-house experts, Microsoft, and other big-name vendors. 

Faster Access to Microsoft Co-op Funding, Benefits, and Partner Incentives

With Amplify, you get clear and simple guidance on Microsoft co-op funding, benefits, and partner incentives. We’ll tell you:

  • Which funding opportunities you’re eligible for.
  • How to access them.
  • How to invest your co-op funds for maximum marketing ROI.

So, instead of endless research and wrong turns, you can take the fast lane to accessing funding for your next project. 

Ready to Amplify Your Growth?

If you’ve got big aspirations for your cloud services business, we want to help you achieve them. With Amplify, you can skip the headache of navigating big vendors’ partner programmes and take the most direct route to profitable growth. 

Send us your details and a member of the team will be in touch soon.