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Create more time for value-adding work with Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is transforming the way work gets done across industries. With this intelligent, conversational AI assistant, employees everywhere are:

  • Completing busy work in far less time,
  • Achieving everything they set out to every day
  • Innovating, creating, and launching new ideas faster and better than ever before.

With Copilot, everyone can work smarter, become more productive, and – best of all – get more time to focus on work that really matters.

Changing the way work gets done with Copilot

People who make the best use of Copilot save 10 hours every month. Over a year, that’s an extra three weeks made available to work on projects that drive growth and competitiveness.

It’s no wonder 77% of users said they never want to work without Copilot again.

That said, we all know implementing and adopting new solutions isn’t always a smooth or simple journey.
But, with easy-to-action, no-nonsense guides, videos, and webinars dedicated to Microsoft Copilot, Westcoast Cloud are here to help you take the bumps out of the road and accelerate time to value for you, your clients, and their users.

Find out where Copilot could take your business

The Copilot Compatibility checker helps you discover how ready you or your clients are to start getting value from Copilot.

This short questionnaire will guide you on:

  • How ready you are to implement and make use of Copilot
  • Which Copilot solutions will deliver the greatest return
  • The direct contact details for a Westcoast Cloud expert who can guide you through your next steps.


How can Westcoast Cloud Help?

We know Microsoft solutions inside out, and we pass that knowledge on to you through training, 24/7 assistance, and genuinely helpful resources. That way, you can work more efficiently, perform better, and add more value to your clients, far faster. 

Extensive product knowledge

We’ll get to know you and help you select licensing that aligns with your goals and delivers the best ROI.

Seamless integration and implementation

With hands-on support, we’ll get you up to speed quickly. So you and your clients get more value, far faster.

Ongoing support and training

We’ll help you optimise Copilot for you and your clients, so you can both perform better and become more competitive.

Strategic consultation

We’ll help you enhance user adoption, improve productivity, and optimise your utilisation of Microsoft Copilot.

key features and use cases


By summarising key points from discussions, documenting where people are aligned and where they’re not, and creating suggested actions, every Teams meeting and chat can be productive.


Users can find the information they need in an instant, generate summaries from long email chains, and even auto-draft responses. With Copilot, clearing your inbox takes minutes, not hours.


Whether you need to brainstorm ideas, create a first draft plan, or refine something you’ve already created, you can do it collaboratively and quickly with Copilot for Loop.

copilot for microsoft 365

Spend less time processing email

Rapidly create a first draft of all your plans,
written and creative work

Find the information needed to complete
tasks in an instant

Discover how businesses achieve more with Copilot

Create custom copilots with Microsoft Copilot Studio

With Copilot Studio, your clients can easily customize their Copilot for Microsoft 365, and even build custom copilots.

Whether they need to reduce the workload of their customer support team with a chatbot capable of answering complex questions, or they need to support employees with predictable scenarios like compliance issues or policy advice, they can create a custom solution with Copilot Suite.

upcoming events

Welcome aboard our exclusive Microsoft Copilot event – your one-way ticket to soaring heights in business success.


Join us for the encore of our Microsoft Copilot event! Following the success of our event on 9 April, we are excited to extend another opportunity for everyone to experience this exclusive event. Save the date for 31 May and join us at Microsoft Paddington for an insightful journey into Copilot. This event is exclusively for those who missed the first one, so make sure to reserve your spot!

31st May 2024

10:00am – 5:30pm*

Westcoast Cloud

In person

Max attendees:

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