Destination Copilot: your route to successful adoption

Plan ahead and
pack your bags

Get your strategy in place. Research what copilot can be used for and what it can do. Then, find the crossovers between those possibilities and your customers’ needs. Those are the sunny spot where Copilot can deliver real value.

Passports at the ready,
we’re headed for security

Make sure your data, data protection, and data loss prevention policies enforce the quality standards needed for Copilot, compliance, and security. Identify and give access to ‘in-scope’ data, and secure personal data you don’t want Copilot to share. Then, methodically set up data access and user permissions as per your policies.

Assemble your cabin crew and
complete preflight checks

Assign a Data Steward to make sure your data stays in tip-top condition. Create a crew of Copilot champions who can set team members up for success by providing AI assistant coaching. And crucially, put a feedback loop in place to capture and resolve issues before they create turbulence.

It’s time for take off!

 Get the detailed guide to getting Copilot ready

Blog: Discover how development teams get to market faster with Copilot

In this in-depth blog, you’ll find out how Copilot’s key features help development teams achieve the unthinkable: shorter cycle times, reduced cost, and increased quality. Plus, you’ll find out how all these outcomes add up to deliver a serious competitive advantage.

And, to help you get started quickly, you’ll find an actionable overview of how to seamlessly integrate Copilot into your development operations.

Livestream: Get expert insights on how to use Copilot to drive productivity, quality, and creativity

During this 60-minute live stream, Microsoft’s Modern Workplace Channel Manager, Chris Williams, delves deep into Copilot, giving insights and information on:

• Who can now get Copilot, and which plans it is now available in,
• Success stories about how individuals are working smarter with Copilot,
• How you can co-term Copilot with your existing licenses to take a low-risk approach to testing Copilot’s value in your business, and
• Advice on how you can set your organisation up for success with Copilot before, during, and after implementation.

Video: Making your customers’ lives easier and more efficient with Copilot

Microsoft Territory Channel Manager Expert Chris Williams and Louis Graham, Westcoast Cloud Modern Workplace BDM, give their insights into how you can help your clients achieve more every day with Copilot.
During this hour-long session, you’ll discover:

• What Microsoft Copilots are available, plus planned releases
• Who can get Copilot and which plans it is included in, and
• Real-life examples of how Copilot drives productivity and quality.

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