Desirre Kaluza
March 9, 2021

Tick your Readiness box

Sitting in front of the screen all day, we often get burdened with never-ending webinars, conference calls and visual material, all of which are forcing our attention span into a vortex of information overload that massively impacts brain functionality.

Most people I speak to agree that it feels like it’s getting harder to find the motivation and focus to join online courses where it’s just you and the computer.

We are human beings. We crave interaction. We thrive when we feel supported. It’s easier to find the drive to do things when we are not alone. And after working from home most of 2020, we want better alternatives.

The Readiness Company gives you that. They provide online learning that is flexible and tailored to your team’s needs, while giving you the support and interaction to stay motivated and achieve your business goals.

I spoke to Jen Wilson, Service Delivery Manager and Account Executive at The Readiness Company, to understand more about their value proposition and how they are positively impacting customers in the channel market.

“At The Readiness Company we have a long history of working with Microsoft, their Partners and their customers. Our trainers are well-known and well-respected within the channel and consistently receive the highest levels of feedback”.

Jen told me how they have adapted their courses from classroom to remote delivery to keep them interactive, informative, and engaging.

“We add extra breaks to account for screen overload and are happy to design our courses to be delivered over a few days as opposed to all in one go. Customer feedback has also been extremely valuable, and we have taken a lot on board to make sure attendees get the most out of the courses”.

The Readiness Company is an authorised Microsoft Learning partner, and a Microsoft UK preferred agency, and one of our longest-standing vendors.

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