The Westcoast Cloud Team
May 16, 2022

Three reasons to start offering MigrationWiz

Doing cloud and tenant-to-tenant migration the manual way is like taking the scenic route as fuel prices rise. Not only does it take far longer, but it costs a lot more money as well!

Luckily, BitTitan have found a way around that. No, not the rising fuel prices – the manual migration.

They’ve created MigrationWiz, an industry-leading SaaS platform that allows users to move multiple workloads to the cloud and between tenants. As the solution is fully automated, there’s no need for specialist training or expertise – meaning faster migrations at a lower cost.

Not sold yet? Here are three reasons you should start offering MigrationWiz to your customers.

1. It transfers files at lightning speed

Not literally – but close enough. With MigrationWiz, your customers can complete projects 10 times faster than they would manually. As it is 100% SaaS-based, it uses top-notch APIs from Google and Microsoft. And automation means more file transfers in less time, all with a high degree of control – reducing inconveniences to end users.

2. It’s a piece of cake to use

IT teams can manage both small and large migrations through a single, customisable interface. MigrationWiz requires no prior training to use – although every licence comes with plenty of resources for guidance. Its ability to automate the entire migration process means that customers don’t need to pay consultants to do the work. But if they do ever get stuck, BitTitan have a 24/7 technical support team that can help solve any snags.

3. It’s got the power

MigrationWiz uses the flexibility of the cloud to scale up or down based on project size. It can simultaneously transfer multiple workloads – whether that’s five mailboxes or five thousand user counts. To prevent errors when dealing with large-scale migrations, the platform logs every file and provides key updates about project status. This helps IT teams to identify and resolve problems quickly – ensuring a smooth and speedy file transfer.

It’s fair to say that MigrationWiz is a big step up from the standard manual migration. And that’s because it lets your customers do more for less. In the words of one partner, “The feature set is expansive, the documentation is great, and the licensing is easy and quick to acquire.”

Here at Westcoast Cloud, we’re here to help you grab this opportunity with both hands. Contact Anthony if you want to chat more about offering MigrationWiz to your customers.