The Power of ENIGMA: Our Cloud & Cyber Security Solutions

In an era where digital transformation revolves around cloud-based solutions, businesses face a range of new security challenges. In this article, we’ll explore how Westcoast Cloud, working with leading vendors, provides solutions to fortify cloud security and prepare organisations for safe and sustainable growth. 

In partnership with Microsoft, Westcoast Cloud will be hosting their security event of the year; A one-day conference that aims to ‘decode’ the mysteries surrounding cloud security and modern workplaces, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in this ever-evolving field. 

Today’s the last day to register! Read on to find out more. 

Security Solutions for the Cloud Era

Unveiling the next generation of cloud security solutions

“We offer a tailored, multi-layered defence strategy; ensuring robust security for every unique cloud environment.”
As businesses migrate to the cloud, they encounter a complex web of security challenges. From mitigating dangers like advanced persistent threats to account credential compromise, having a robust cloud security posture is more vital than ever.

Cloud security has never been more complicated, especially given the shift to hybrid work. With remote access often occurring on insecure networks, such as home and public networks, there’s a heightened risk of data leakage. The widespread use of personal devices for work purposes further complicates matters by introducing additional vulnerabilities. 

The complexity of cloud environments can make it notoriously difficult to monitor and protect every data transaction. Moreover, as cloud services rely heavily on user authentication, weak credentials become a target for attackers. These factors combined greatly increase the risk of a data breach, hence the need for a proactive approach. 

Westcoast Cloud works with leading vendors to offer a comprehensive set of security solutions to help businesses navigate the cloud confidently.

Exploring the World of Microsoft Security

Recognising the unique cloud security challenges that businesses currently face, Microsoft offers a range of cost-effective and user-friendly security solutions. A key aspect of Microsoft’s security products and services is their deep integration with leading business products, like Office 365, Teams, and OneDrive. This integration ensures that security becomes a seamless part of the daily workflow, thereby reducing the need for extensive training or additional resources. 

Microsoft Defender for Business is the company’s main security suite. Costing just $3 per user per month, this standalone product provides enterprise-grade protection across all devices. It includes threat and vulnerability management, next-generation antivirus protection, endpoint detection and response, and automated investigation and response. The security suite is also included in as part of the Microsoft 365 Business Premium offer. 

No comprehensive security suite would be complete without centralised management via a cloud-based dashboard. To that end, the Microsoft Trust Center serves as a central hub for managing security, privacy, and compliance across your organisation. It’s deeply integrated with the Azure cloud infrastructure, as well as Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft 365, and various other products and services. 

Working with a third-party vendor like Westcoast Cloud to provide and manage your Microsoft security solutions brings further value to your business. Vendors bring specialised expertise, along with dedicated support to ensure that not only are your security solutions correctly deployed, but also continuously optimised in accordance to your specific needs. This approach allows businesses to focus on their core operations, confident in the knowledge that their cybersecurity is being handled by experts equipped with the latest knowledge and technology.

Building a Multilayered Security Environment

Given the complexities of today’s multi-cloud environments, relying on a single vendor for all cybersecurity needs can be limiting and potentially risky. A layered approach that incorporates solutions from different vendors can offer a more robust defence against a range of threats. It can, however, also increase complexity, when it comes to selecting, deploying, and managing your security solutions.  

We are here to offer expert guidance from a list of our trusted vendors who we will be partnering with at our upcoming Security Event ENIGMA 

Absolute: Secure Endpoint product portfolio leverages the always-on connection provided by Absolute Persistence to enable IT and security personnel to monitor and address laptop computers’ problems, enabling laptops to self-heal. 

Avast: Offers solutions tailored to the needs of small market businesses (SMB) with user-friendly yet effective tools that protect against common threats like phishing and malware.  

Acronis: Introduces Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and next-generation email security, which are vital for defending against threats like credential theft while preserving data integrity.  

Beyond Encryption: Mailock provides a similar function against cyber-attacks by locking down your email communications from outside threats. 

Businesses have a false sense of security when they rely too much on a single legacy system. Combine the strengths of multiple solutions, without unnecessarily adding complexity, with  tools that help close the gaps, and reduce the single points of failure.

Join Us at the Upcoming ENIGMA Event in Partnership with Microsoft

As we navigate the complexities of cloud security, it’s clearer than ever that education and awareness are fundamental to driving business growth without adding risk. That’s why we’d like to invite you to join us on at our upcoming ENIGMA event on December 4th 2023. 

Hosted by Westcoast Cloud in partnership with Microsoft, the event will deliver an immersive experience intended to equip partners with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the commonly misunderstood aspects of cloud security. 

Contact for any further questions on the event – hope to see you there!