The Westcoast Cloud Team
August 31, 2022

Steve Miles: Microsoft Azure MVP

Steve Miles is our Chief Technology Officer and a serious authority when it comes to Azure. In fact, he’s such an expert that he’s even written a book on Azure and has just been named a Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional). Congratulations Steve!

To celebrate Steve’s many achievements, we sat down with the man himself for a quick chat about why he loves Azure so much, and how CSPs can use it to grow their businesses.

With over 20 years’ experience in the technology space, Steve has worked mainly in data centre infrastructure, security and network engineering, and architecture roles. Prior to this, Steve served in the army for nearly a decade, focusing on military satellite communications. Ever on the move, he’s lived and worked in the US, Europe, Japan, and Singapore.

Can you sum Microsoft Azure up in a few words?

A nice easy question to start. “A digital transformation enablement platform,” replies Steve without so much as a blink.

We ask Steve if he’d like to elaborate, and he agrees with a smile. He’d happily talk Azure all day if we let him. According to Steve, cloud is the next phase in the technology roadmap for many organisations. “What Azure provides is a strong hybrid cloud proposition. It gives businesses access to resources and services such as cost and operating models. It also improves demand agility and drives faster innovation and time to value than other IT service delivery models.”

What Steve loves most about Azure is the way it constantly grows and evolves. For instance, he tells us he’s already looking forward to seeing Azure driving greater innovation in areas like hybrid cloud and edge networking this year.

With the world of work increasingly becoming more hybrid and cloud-based, Steve thinks Azure is going to be more important than ever to helping partners stay competitive, relevant, agile, and innovative.

However, the never-ending change can make Azure difficult to sell for some CSPs. Some struggle to get clients to adopt the right cloud mindset needed to make the most of Azure. And given the extent of Azure’s vast application library, others can find it difficult knowing where to start using Azure to address their customers’ specific security, control, costs, and skills challenges.

How does Westcoast Cloud help out those partners having problems with Azure? Steve thinks it’s the people. “The relationships we create, the skills we bring, the technology, tools, and processes we simplify – all these things help to make selling Azure so much easier.”

What does it take to become an MVP?

Steve is well-known for the support he offers the wider Azure community. He helps other cloud professionals to get their heads around Azure, and he’s in the process of writing even more books and guides on how to achieve Azure certifications.

Steve also shares Microsoft messaging, roadmaps, and updates on social media, business communication platforms, webinars, and podcasts. He also somehow finds the time on top of all that to champion Azure to partners and their customers in our training workshops.

So it was no surprise when Microsoft gave Steve the ultimate pat on the back by making him an MVP.

For Steve, becoming an MVP isn’t like passing an exam.

“You have to be nominated and qualify for a gatekeeper discussion before it goes to an MVP team to decide on the outcome. That made the news extra special to me,” he said.

“I think the award is Microsoft’s way of saying ‘Thanks!’ for my commitment, and for the passion I have for Azure,” Steve continues. “Like most people, I’m my own biggest critic. Even though I’ve been doing this for over 20 years, I still suffer from imposter syndrome from time to time! So being made an MVP goes some way towards validating everything I’ve done, and lets me know that it’s all been worthwhile.”

If you have any questions about Azure or how Steve can support you in the sales process, emails us at We’d love to hear from you.