Westcoast Cloud
October 5, 2019

Life beyond Sage - get connected, go modern

Disconnected systems and siloed information is a primary cause of inefficiency leading to errors in planning, distribution and billing. While many businesses strive to modernise, financial agility is often overlooked. Or worse, it’s desired, but feels unattainable.

Sage’s historical dominance has helped perpetuate the brand as industry standard. However, as more businesses liberate their teams from office-based desktops, the old stalwart is not keeping pace. Between the hefty cost-per-license pricing and lack of inter-connectivity for real-time data, it’s unthinkable yet understandable that progress is curtailed by budget.

Relying on antiquated software, SMBs’ limit their opportunity to thrive. Fortunately, the future of accounting and process management is here . . . it’s easy to implement and affordable.

Which explains why many SMBs are looking for an alternative

Cloud based solutions provide a consistent, stable environment with exceptional security. Signalling the removal of traditional in-house servers, Microsoft is a market leader for levels of trust, transparency and regulatory compliance in its cloud service. Addressing the most rigorous security and privacy demands, it holds more certifications and compliance offerings than any other provider.

96% of businesses already embrace Cloud to store their essential and sensitive data*.

They receive robust protection and back-ups, while reducing spend on updates and maintenance.

Without technological progression, SMBs face the prospect of being left behind. Habitual working practices, perceived project timelines and resistance to change are the primary causes of stagnation for most businesses.

There’s no shortage of solutions in the market, but making the right choice is key

Dynamics 365 Business Central marries the latest trends of cutting-edge tech with Microsoft’s renowned interface and adaptability.

A single end-to-end solution combining accounting software with ERP and CRM, Dynamics 365 Business Central is 100% cloud based, making it available everywhere, on any device.

Unlike Sage, the flexible subscription and pricing options perfectly support businesses to upscale at their own pace.

AI and process automation promotes factual continuity from sales, marketing, logistical planning, and executive review. Using intelligent, customisable APIs to provide personalised insights, it’s one system to help manage stock, choose suppliers and improve cashflow with alerts for overdue payments. Complemented by Azure – it empowers in-house IT teams to build customised apps using Node.js, Java or .net.

Change need not be feared.

Upgrading from the old ways may seem overwhelming, time-consuming and expensive, but – as business operations evolve – failure to modernise will present new obstacles in challenging the competition.

Choosing Dynamics 365 Business Central can enhance every aspect of the end-to-end journey, with brand familiarity the workforce trusts.

Our Westcoast experts are poised with great strategies for upgrading Business Central, and making the transition to Cloud.