Feeling assured with Azure!

While there’s an undeniable learning curve for anyone adopting a new technology, Azure’s convenient design makes it easy to get clued up quickly.  

Many partners find that after getting started with Azure, they’re soon able to deliver valuable solutions to their client’s business challenges. As a result, it rapidly becomes a significant part of their offering.   

Regardless of your MSP’s size or technical expertise, you likely already have realistic growth opportunities with Azure.    

Inside this blog, we’ll walk you through how to spot and take advantage of those opportunities in a way that quickly delivers mutual success for you and your clients.  

Azure: Spotting Opportunities, Reducing Complexity

Finding easy opportunities for mutual success with Azure.

“Most Azure consumption boils down to compute, storage and databases.”
Identifying attractive Azure value propositions for your clients

If concerns about the consumption-based billing model or losing the familiarity of having tangible hardware have stopped you from exploring Azure previously, looking at things from your customer’s perspective can help.   

Almost all clients want IT to act as a value lever that solves problems, helps them meet goals, remain resilient, and grow. With that in mind, does Azure deliver a benefit rather than a detriment? Simple opportunities to look for include:   

  • Could your customer save a lot of money by turning unused servers off when not in use?   
  • Do they have an odd process that is only run once each month on dedicated hardware?  
  • Does their back-up solution leave them more vulnerable than is necessary?   
  • Could they run more efficiently with modern Cloud solutions?

If Azure solves problems for your clients, they’ll likely be interested. At the same time, by adding new services to your offerings, you unlock far more growth opportunities for your business. 

Start small and scale as you learn

Azure is conveniently designed to let you start small, learn, and scale. Having said that, most consumption boils down to compute, storage, and databases. So, even if Azure is new territory, there’s a lot in there that you’re likely already familiar with. You can build upon your existing knowledge to experiment inside the platform, all the while learning how to use services and create solutions that have an attractive value proposition for clients and are profitable for your business.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to get started with Azure, here are some ways we’ve seen partners get to market quickly and confidently.

Create an in-house solution first

Get familiar with the platform by creating a solution from some easy-to-understand services. Perhaps Azure could power a new in-house, highly redundant, all-in-one backup and disaster recovery solution?

Package Azure services into ‘pre-built’ solutions

Try using, for example, Azure Backup and Site Recovery as a ‘Bespoke Continuity Suite.’ Many of our partners have found doing this rapidly delivers mutual success for them and their clients.

Think solutions, not services

When pitching Azure to potential clients or figuring out how to add it to your client services, the trick is to focus on the solution rather than the service. Avoid getting bogged down in the minutiae of all the Azure services, and instead concentrate on how those services create a solution to their business needs. That way, you’re showing clients how you can root IT in business principles to solve their problems and deliver value for them.

Keeping up to date with Azure

As with any cloud technology, Azure moves quickly. The Microsoft Azure Blog helps you keep your finger on the pulse with new updates, feature releases, and important information that’s relevant for your clients. Particular things to stay up to date with include core services like:   

  • Azure Virtual Machines (VMs)  
  • Azure SQL Server    
  • Backup
  • Azure Site Recovery  
  • Azure Virtual Desktop   

If you need a helping hand separating what’s relevant to you, you can stay tuned into our comms and content. We keep you updated on the information that matters to you with frequent updates, resources, blogs, and webinars tailored to the MSP market.  

Guiding you on your journey to Azure

As a Westcoast Cloud partner, you always have our expertise on hand to help you spot and take advantage of growth opportunities.    

In our next webinar, on 26th March, we’ll walk you through the Microsoft incentives available to help you get started with Azure. To find out if you could get:    

  • Funding   
  • Rebates   
  • Technical assistance and more

Be sure to register for our upcoming Azure Incentives webinar by CLICKING HERE.

In the meantime, if you have questions or would like to learn more about Azure, please feel free to reach out to the team at azure@westcoastcloud.co.uk.