Westcoast Cloud
October 14, 2018

"Westcoast have made us invincible!"

There are some customer testimonials that just make you smile. The above from Mirus IT Solutions does it for us; it’s not every day that you’re able to bestow a super power on someone!

Technology is changing rapidly at the moment and any company offering IT support needs to stay ahead of the information curve. It’s not just products that need to be cutting edge; it’s the service provided by those both within the industry and catering for the industry that matters too. And to deliver what clients and end-users need, IT solutions specialists need to be able to act fast. It’s that winning combination of speed and service that has made Mirus feel INVINCIBLE!

It all began with Westcoast Cloud.

Before collaborating with Westcoast, Mirus was a dedicated, hardworking company, passionate about delivering the very best service and solutions to their wide-ranging client base. They had only one problem; existing IT infrastructure prevented them from achieving the targets they’d set for themselves.

They had no way to streamline proceedings; being tied into Microsoft contracts, they couldn’t customise their client offerings; there was no way to offer flexibility, should a client’s needs change partway through a contract; and there was no way to deliver changes at speed. Mirus had an award-winning reputation for service, and yet in their eyes, there was still something lacking.

CSP is a relative newcomer in an IT area that is arguably still in its infancy, and yet it delivers what its predecessors and competitors can not: all of the above. Flexibility, speed, scalability, and that all-important ability to be tailored to individual customer’s needs: that’s what CSP is all about, and that’s why is has made such a difference to Mirus.

At Westcoast, we, like Mirus, believe that when it comes to customer service you should cut to the chase. We don’t believe in queuing just to be told where to queue. Our job is to help you to do you your job, more efficiently, and to do that we like to get to know you so that we can tailor every part of our service to meet your particular needs. And that’s what we’ve done with Mirus.

Working with Westcoast Cloud, Mirus have been able to broaden their client offering while enhancing customer relationships. The rolling monthly contract model allows their end-users to retain complete control of both their IT products and their finances, flexing as demand arises. It’s almost inevitable that this increased – positive – contact and more personalised service should lead to enhanced customer loyalty, and with 80 per cent of their customers now subscribing to the CSP model, Mirus find themselves ‘six months to a year’ ahead of where they believed that they would be, prior to partnering with Westcoast.

Eighteen months ago CSP was cutting its first teeth and suffering the associated pangs. Now it is paving the way for businesses around the globe to make their own innovations. Can you #SeeThePossibilities of working with Westcoast to grow your Cloud business?