Turn any device into a phone with a simple Office 365 add-on that connects Microsoft Teams to any PBX

It’s good to talk, as the old saying goes. But modern working practices and mobile, remote employees can make catching up with your colleagues and teammates for a conference call or just a good old-fashioned chinwag a bit tricky.


So if your customers are complaining that talking is becoming too taxing, Call2Teams is the answer. It connects Microsoft Teams to any PBX in minutes, allowing calls to be made and received from an existing phone system, on any device, using the Microsoft Teams App.


Call2Teams nurtures greater teamwork and collaboration by:

  • Helping colleagues to communicate more effectively
  • Allowing employees to work and make calls anywhere, on any device
  • Integrating with any existing PBX
  • Ensuring end-to-end security, administrative control and compliance

Call2Teams has been delivering unique and innovative Office 365 voice integration services for many years, led by a team with extensive telecom, Office 365, high-availability enterprise cloud service experience.