28 July 2022

July 2022 Monthly News

July was a month of innovation, exciting updates, and building connections.

Microsoft Inspire was a success—and we’ve got plenty of cloud-related news from the event and beyond. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Hybrid work is here to stay—deliver the right solutions

Enabling a flexible work environment is essential to many workplaces these days. Microsoft 365 is keeping up by adding new features that support collaboration: Excel Live lets people jump into workbooks and make edits together in real-time, while Collaboration Annotations allow meeting participants to interact with content being shared. Plus, Video Clip can record, send, and view short videos in Teams.

To learn more about new and upcoming tools, check out this Microsoft blog. And if you want to dive a bit deeper, watch a few Microsoft Inspire sessions.

Gain exclusive support access with a community of partners

As the space industry rapidly advances, Microsoft is bringing leaders together to collaborate and innovate. Recently, Microsoft announced the Azure Space Partner Community—offering various benefits to the ecosystem of partners, including co-engineering, GTM scale, marketing involvement, and product offering incentives.

Discover more of the benefits in this article. Or, if you’re interested in joining, sign up here.

Take advantage of a free trial

If you’ve ever wanted to try something before you buy it, Microsoft has your back. Microsoft has launched the Windows 365 Enterprise trial experience. This new offer allows partners to engage with tools like Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Microsoft Lighthouse for free for a whole month!

Interested in this introduction? Read the announcement here. If you have any questions, contact support.

A change in cancellation

In case you hadn’t heard, Microsoft is updating the cancellation window for partners. Effective July 11, 2022, CSP new commerce software subscriptions must be cancelled within seven days. Partners will then receive a prorated refund when cancelling within this 168-hour period.

To learn more, read the announcement here. Or if you want to take a deeper dive, see the CSP program guide or Microsoft online product terms.

Reach your goals with a new tool

Goal-setting can feel like a tedious process, but it doesn’t have to be! Microsoft Viva Goals helps to align teams to your organisation’s strategic priorities. This intuitive platform helps to simplify goal creation with visibility into OKRs and easy integration with Teams—and it makes it easier to present progress at meetings. It’s a single tool that will drive results.

If you want to discover more of this solution’s benefits, check out the introduction.

Engage, express, enhance

There’s a new connection solution in town—and it made its first appearance at Microsoft Inspire. Microsoft Viva Engage is the newest app that will help build community, allow employees to express themselves, and shape company culture. Using storyline and stories, colleagues can easily socialise with conversations, images, and videos.

Introduce yourself to Viva Engage here.

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