Patsy Collins
July 9, 2021

Enhancing communications in a hybrid work environment

Like many others, we are now used to remote working during the pandemic, but as another lockdown ends, (hopefully the last), returning to the office seems like the next step. For many businesses this is the case, but it’s not the only option. The working landscape has changed, and the demand for long-term remote work has prompted employers to incorporate a hybrid workspace.

Data from a recent Microsoft Study shows that hybrid work is here to stay, with over 70% of respondents stating their strong desire to continue flexible working. With this shift to remote work, organisations must enable the right solutions to ensure business continuity, and having a unified communications platform implemented can allow businesses to thrive in a hybrid work environment.

By 2025, all PSTN and ISDN lines will be shut off, and every phone line will be digital, with calls routed over IP. The pandemic has help speed this up for most companies, but there’s still a long way to go.

UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) is a cloud-based communication model, delivering 6 core features: voice and telephony, meeting solutions, messaging, clients, communications, and collaboration.

UCaaS reduces overall IT spend, improves productivity, lowers employee commute costs, and is essential to a hybrid work environment.

Combined, a UCaaS platform allows employees to collaborate with anyone, whether in office or working from home.

Westcoast Cloud Voice can help partners enable the right UC solution for your customer environments; from SMB to Enterprise, we’ve got you covered.

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There are three ways to deploy Westcoast Cloud Voice:

  1. Standalone UC platform
  2. Microsoft Teams Integration
  3. Hybrid Deployment

In demand is our integration with Microsoft Teams.

It’s all the benefits of our UC solution built in with the Microsoft Teams platform. Someone not at their desk? Reach them on their mobile by using the Microsoft Teams dial pad. Not at your desk? Set up forwarding to another device using Westcoast Cloud Voice’s call flow designer.

Harness Microsoft Teams to create social spaces and cultivate positive company culture with internal webinars. Shared Teams workspaces allow businesses to quickly track project progress.

Businesses have long resisted rolling out remote working due to concerns over security, data storage and employee productivity. Westcoast Cloud Voice removes this worry altogether, as it’s a fully cloud based solution. Phones, if required, are remotely provisioned and all calls are secure.

Call history, call recordings and encryption is managed by Westcoast Cloud Voice so whether a business is dialling directly from our platform or through Microsoft Teams, calls are safe, and your customer’s media is secure.

As many companies look to the future of their business landscape it’s important to recognise how these operations run and what tools we need to work effectively in a hybrid or remote environment. What we view as ‘the new normal’ now will evolve overtime and having a UC solution that can scale with your company’s growth is a necessity. Get in touch with our sales team today at to find out more.